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How To Choose Outdoor Furniture For Your Home

Our outdoor living space is an extension of our home. In this area, we entertain, relax, cook, and play. At times you may even see us working on our patio to take advantage of the glorious weather. 

With our Michigan summer just around the corner, now is the time to get that space set up with some outdoor furnishings. But how do you know which summer furniture is the best fit for you and your area? 

At Huizen’s in Grand Rapids, we have all the latest styles and accessories for you to choose from and have compiled some of our top suggestions for making the best decision on your outdoor furniture. 

Measure, Measure, Measure!

The last thing you want is to fall in love with a gorgeous piece of furniture that checks all of your boxes, just to realize that the measurements are way off for your space. For that reason, it is critical to start the process of finding summer furniture by obtaining proper measurements. 

To get the most precise picture, remove all current items off of your deck, patio, or balcony. This step will clear any obstacles you may run into while measuring. Take a tape measure and get dimensions of all sides, taking time to consider unique angles.

Consider Your Needs

At the end of the day, this furniture is for the benefit of you and your family. Take time to review when you have used the space the most and what activities took place during those times. Was there copious seating? How was the comfort level? Was there anything missing that was sorely needed?

Once you have taken that under advisement, list out the things you are looking for most in your outdoor furniture. Having this list will help guide your decision making during your search.

Pay Attention To the Weather

Michigan summers can often be quite humid. While most outdoor furniture is made from weather-proof wood, you may want to search out options that are known for being long-lasting. 

Furthermore, if you don’t intend to store your outdoor furniture in the winter, you must select a style that can endure massive snow and rain.

Storage Space

Many types of summer furniture now come with storage space underneath. This addition can be helpful for those who have children’s toys, outdoor blankets, grilling accessories, or other summer essentials that they don’t want to leave out. 

For those who live in a condo or apartment. If storage space could be beneficial for you, search out options that incorporate this element.

In Summary 

Summertime in Michigan is filled with lots of fun in the sun, barbeques, pool parties, star gazing, bonfires, and outdoor activities. Having quality outdoor furniture that serves as a central hub for all seasonal fun will add an extra layer of comfort to your days.

Stop into Huizen’s today to check out our many Furniture Accessories. Are you having trouble finding the perfect pieces for your outdoor living space? Let our Interior Design Services help you find the best fit!

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Refresh Your Home For Spring-Huizen’s Furniture Edition

The time has come. It’s getting warmer in Michigan, and we are all about updating your home for spring here at Huizen’s! Our interior design services team can help you create an exceptional look with spring accessories and furniture. We have also put together a list of home refresh ideas that are simple and effective.

Are you ready for a change? Check out our suggestions below to get you started.

Switch Up Colors

One of the easiest ways to refresh your home decor is to add different accents of color throughout a room. This approach can be as simple as adding new artwork to the walls or as detailed as creating accent walls of bold colors. The lengths you go for this change will depend on your time and budget. However, there are many options to cater to all needs.

Taking a few hours of your afternoon to paint your picture frames a different hue can make your walls pop. As another suggestion, you can purchase new throw pillow covers for a reasonable cost and give a whole new look to your furniture.

Swap Out Fixtures

Another simple touch that significantly impacts your design is rotating in new fixtures throughout a single room or your entire home. Whether it’s new light switch covers or a new lampshade style, the look will immediately register as a welcome change. 

Sometimes the addition of a new lighting fixture packs such a punch that visitors will think that you redecorated the whole room. For this reason, it’s important to remember that small changes can make a big difference, and a complete overhaul isn’t always needed.

Add a New Rug

Over time our rugs can wear out. With constant traffic and use, you will start to notice spots that are becoming a bit bare and a few stains that won’t go away. If you are in this situation and also looking for a spring refresh to your home, the simple task of replacing your area rug can be enough to boost your spirits.

You can find rugs in all shapes and sizes. Perhaps you want to go for a completely different style all together, or you just want an oval rug instead of a rectangle. Huizen’s has many options to choose from and can help you select the best one for your home.

Incorporate Some Greenery

We’ve all heard the saying, “April showers bring May flowers!” But that doesn’t mean that you can’t bring the beauty of plants indoors. Adding some greenery into your interior can bring texture and color to a room in a new and rejuvenating way.

Whether it’s a potted plant on an end table or a hanging vine in the corner, the feel of the room will change with this subtle addition. 

In Summary

With spring here, we all have the itch to make some changes to our living arrangements. With our list of simple suggestions above, you can be on your way to a refreshed home in no time! Are you looking for a specific piece or want some direction on what to add to your home? Reach out to our interior design team today for assistance.

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Cleaning furniture with a microfiber cloth

Furniture Cleaning Tips Just In Time For Spring!

The time for spring cleaning sneaks up on us every year. While we are organizing and caring for all the nooks and crannies of our home, a crucial component is often overlooked.

Although all areas are essential, our furniture often falls to the bottom of our to-do list. Frequently this happens due to residents of the home being unsure of the best techniques for performing the task. Therefore, we have prepped a few furniture cleaning tips to help you through the process. 

Living Room Furniture

Often we see a variety of materials in our living room furniture. Whether it’s the upholstery on the couch or the frame of an armchair, there are several components to consider when setting out to properly clean. 

First, you will want to take a soft brush and get rid of any debris or hair that resides on the cushions. Following that, it is beneficial to apply baking soda and thoroughly vacuum the fabric part of your fixtures. 

Lastly, inspecting the frame to check for any breakages that need repairing will help to keep your furniture in good shape for years to come. Is your living room furniture ready to be replaced? Check out our large selection at Huizen’s today.

Dining Room Furniture

Typically one of the main areas of the house for wooden pieces comes in your dining room furniture. Between the table, chairs, buffets, and cabinets, you will discover many wood sources in this space. 

Because of that, you want to properly maintain the material with the appropriate polishes and cleaners. While many wood types allow you to use a standard combination of soap and water, it is critical to wipe the table completely dry after cleaning. Without this step, you can risk damaging the furniture and warping the wood.

Before cleaning your dining room furniture, be sure to check what products work best with that type of wood. If you have questions about what is best, give us a call at Huizen’s, and we can help you narrow down the best options.

Bedroom Furniture

Besides your standard bedroom furniture, these spaces have many different elements to consider when cleaning. While you want to be sure that you are caring for specific types of furniture as you need to, you also need to be mindful of how those cleaners can affect other items in the room if the cleaner were to spill or come in contact with them.

For this reason, be sure to remove items like bedding and clothing before embarking on your cleaning spree to avoid any issues. Following that, take the time to thoroughly clean your mattresses, polish any wood surfaces, remove smudges and debris from glass, and soak and launder any window coverings.

Are you looking for a complete refresh of your bedroom furniture as you usher in the beautiful spring weather? Huizen’s has many pieces to choose from that will fit your style and budget!

In Summary

With all the different pieces that come with spring cleaning, it can be easy to overlook an item or two. More often than not, these items come in the form of furniture. Our furniture cleaning tips will help you tackle this issue and have all elements of your home sparkling for spring! 

If you find yourself with additional questions, feel free to contact us! 

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Huizen’s Wood Furniture Bed Set

5 Colors That Compliment Wood Furniture – Huizen’s Furniture

The inclusion of wood furniture throughout your home gives it a look of comfort and warmth. While the wooden material gives off this feeling, it can be hard to decide which colors best accentuate the different wood tones in your rooms.

Whether through throw pillows, paint colors, or even accent colors, finding the exact shades to tie into your prized wood furniture can be a challenge. This blog shares our five favorite colors that best compliment wood furniture. 

Light Blue

Many people pass over the light blue shades in favor of bolder colors or more subtle hues. However, light blue is an excellent option for a room furnished with wood. The calming undertones bring a peaceful aspect to any room, and its ability to blend in with its surroundings lends itself perfectly to any style of wood furniture. 

While you can include light blue into throw pillows or decorative pieces, it’s an excellent color for wall paint. Still not convinced? Pick up a paint sample today and see how well it pairs with your current furnishings.


As one of the 2022 color trends, gray is a popular option for all rooms. Whether it is the kitchen, bathroom, or living room, you will see many people including the color throughout their homes. There are many different shades when you look to incorporate gray, some with bluish undertones and others with green. 

If you don’t feel like having an entire room that is gray, feel free to try out an accent wall. This addition will provide a bit of color that blends in well with wooden furniture without committing to an entire room.

Shades of Green

You can take many directions if you decide to bring the color green into your home to pair with your wooden furniture. Whether a pale, pastel green or a hunter green variation, you’ll find that these particular hues partner exceptionally well with the wood furniture of your choice. 

If you are in the market for wooden furniture but aren’t yet sure which to buy, be sure to check out our blog on 6 Types of Wood Furniture You’ll Want To Consider for Your Home. These options will help you envision what direction you can take with each room.


Taking the route of including neutral colors in with your wooden furnishings shouldn’t be frowned upon. Some of the calmest and most tranquil spaces are in various neutrals. While subtle, the palette can bring the exact shades that you are looking for when searching for the perfect color additions.

Warm Colors

Sometimes it pays to go a bit bolder in your interior design choice. While many of the shades outlined above are a bit more subtle, finding a warm yet eye-catching color can be the way to go. The options are endless and beautiful, whether you’re doing a burnt orange to coordinate with your wooden bed frame or a yellow hue to accentuate your dining room hutch.

In Summary

Finding the perfect colors to tie in your wood furniture with the rest of your home can be a challenge. However, there are many styles that incorporate several different color schemes that may work perfectly for your home. If you have questions, Visit Our Showroom or Contact Us to learn more about the Interior Design Services that we offer. Follow us on Facebook.

Huizens Furniture Showroom Floor

Traditional vs Transitional Interior Design: What’s The Difference?

There has been some debate through the years between traditional vs. transitional design and how they differ. While both aesthetics have some commonalities, they also have components that set them apart. As providers of traditional and transitional furniture in Grand Rapids, MI, we wanted to set out the key elements that distinguish the two choices.

Along with our in-house Interior Design Services, let us help you find the best fit for your home. Whether traditional furniture or transitional, we have all options available to meet your needs. 


One of the easiest ways to tell the difference between the two styles is their colors. You’ll quickly notice that many pieces that fit in with the traditional style are darker hues and rich textures. You will often see the addition of patterns such as plaid or paisley within the design. 

With transitional decor, you will notice many varieties of beige, tan, white, among other solid shades. Often the focus with transitional furniture and accessories is a neutral palette. However, a traditional option will afford you more variety and a mixture of different color options.

Design Era

When you are shopping for traditional furniture, you will be targeting pieces that are replicative of 18th and 19th century European styles. The items that you peruse will have more refined looks and has a focus on detail. These pieces are created with looks and style in mind. 

Alternatively, when entertaining traditional vs. transitional, you’ll see that transitional has a greater focus on the modern concept, which includes optimal comfort. While style will be at the center of both aesthetics, transitional will favor everyday living and comfort versus appearance. 

Mixing the two design eras can seem overwhelming. However, our Interior Design Services at Huizens can help you meld the two together seamlessly to create the exact look you are after.


The difference in the materials used in the creation of the furniture and decor pieces will also dictate the difference between the two options. Most frequently, you will see a combination of different materials, mainly wood, when incorporating transitional items. However, the style is not limited to wood and can contain other materials as well. 

Traditional items can also be made with wood but have more ornate details. Often you will see the addition of clawfoot finishes and intricate carvings within the furniture pieces themselves. At times you will see metallic inlays or accents. 

In Summary

It can be hard to pinpoint the exact differences between traditional vs. transitional. While there are several similarities, there are also definitive contrasts. Between the colors the styles embody, the specific eras they replicate, and the materials they are created from, they have elements that make them decidedly unique.

Are you interested in learning more about traditional furniture? If you’d like to speak with a member of our Interior Design Services team or take a look at the transitional furniture we have in stock, be sure to stop by our Grand Rapids, MI location today and Shop Our Selection!

Huizens Furniture Living Room Couch and Ottoman

Family Owned Furniture In Grand Rapids MI

There are many furniture stores that you can peruse when searching for the best addition to your home, especially in Grand Rapids MI. While many know that it is important to shop local and support family owned businesses, many don’t know the reasons behind that mentality.

Huizen’s is a family owned furniture company that has been in operation since 1926. Shopping with them is more than just a simple furniture purchase. When you stop into Huizen’s for the purchase of your new couch or bedroom set, you’re doing so much more than just shopping. Continue reading to find out what happens in the background after your purchase.

You Support Community

Local businesses support the communities in which they live. Unlike chain companies, local institutions understand the needs of those around them because they live within those same communities. The big-box corporations don’t know that the local shelter needs new blankets or that the little league team needs sponsors. It’s the local businesses that have that understanding.

Therefore, when you support our family owned furniture store, you are also supporting the community at the same time. Caring for those around us is something we can all do together.

You Get Investment

Owners of small businesses take the time to open that specific company because that is where their interests lie. It’s not often that you see someone with a passion for baking open up a car shop! Having a love for the products you sell helps make the experience unique!

At Huizen’s, we exist because of our passion for the furniture industry. We will help you find the perfect piece for every room of your house with the excitement and enthusiasm we have for the job. Family owned since 1926, the love for helping customers find just the right bed or couch is in our DNA. 

You Provide For Our Family

Huizen’s has called Grand Rapids MI, home since the beginning. Here, we have raised our children, is where we do our weekly grocery shopping, and where the local schools educated us. Our daily lives have revolved around this city that we call home. 

When you purchase furniture from us, you are helping our family put food on the table. Your purchase allows us to put Christmas presents under the tree every year. Your money doesn’t go to a large corporation or pay a CEO-level salary. Instead, you are helping the owners and their children to live their lives in their hometown. And for that, we are greatly appreciative.

Final Thoughts

Shopping local is a phrase that you hear often. While people understand that it is something to prioritize, many don’t understand the reasons behind it. Spending your money in Grand Rapids MI companies supports your community. Taking the time to seek out family owned businesses supports the owners family directly. Seeking out a family owned furniture company, like Huizen’s, gives you a one-of-a-kind, passionate shopping experience.

Stop in to see us today. We have a great variety of Dining Room Furniture and many different pieces of Living Room Furniture. You can also explore our various Bedroom Furniture sets while you’re here!  BTW follow us on Facebook.

Rustic Living Room Furniture

How To Use Rustic Living Room Furniture To Bring Warmth Into Your Home

When you envision an area to cozy up with a blanket, a warm drink, and a blazing fireplace, you often include a variety of rustic living room furniture in that imagery. The way the colors and textures blend into the comfortable setting makes you feel nice and relaxed without even taking a seat.

But what are the details you should look for when choosing the right rustic pieces for your living room? Follow along with us as we list the different traits that are reminiscent of the style.

Color Palette

When you enter into rustic-themed rooms, you will immediately notice that the color palette is typically in neutral shades. While some rooms may go for darker colors, others may predominantly use white or beige tones throughout their space.

When considering which direction to take for your own rustic living room, consider the other elements of your life as well as your preferences. While you may love the look of tan and beige, it may not be the correct choice if you have pets or young children. If you still desire lighter colors, be sure to select stain-resistant fabrics.


Having a rustic theme to your room typically comes with a mix of various textures throughout the designated area. While many of these include different types of wood, you can also combine your rustic living room furniture with leather, metal, and even glass. 

Consider pairing your couch with a wooden entertainment system that comes with metal hardware. As another option, you could add a dark-colored rug on top of wooden floors to combine textures. You could even bring in a leather chair and ottoman to complement your canvas sofa to add another level of rustic design. 

Don’t Forget the Accents

A room is never complete without the appropriate decor. One of the best ways to implement a whole rustic appearance is to add a few differently sized occasion pieces. Adding a solid wood or polished metal table behind the couch or adjacent to an armchair will not only make the space feel cozier but will allow ample space for decorative trinkets and furnishings.

To bring in more of the rustic furniture textures and colors, take the time to select a great set of end tables to coordinate with your sofa choice. You could also choose a long and fluffy sectional and tie the look together with a large, ornate coffee table in the center. 

In Summary

Having a cozy and pleasing aesthetic to your rustic living room furniture doesn’t have to come with a stressful planning phase! Visit us on our webpage to view our rustic brands that we offer. If it serves you better, stop into our showroom and talk with one of our representatives in person. If you would like to know more about what we can do for you in your design process, give us a call at (616) 452-9920 or send us a message through our online contact form.

4-Piece Bedroom Set in Cherry

6 Types of Wood Furniture You’ll Want To Consider for Your Home

Wood Type

When looking at wood furniture, it is essential to know that not all styles are created equal. Some wood fixtures are smooth and finished, whereas others have a tough or bumpy exterior with a more natural look. 

Be sure to consider the room you are looking to add wood furniture to and what you want the overall look to be. Most furnishings are from oak, maple, cherry, hickory, walnut, and elm but can come in other wood varieties as well. 


The natural color of the wood will depend on the type that you choose. However, you can also stain them to match items in your home. When you are searching for new items for a room, take into consideration whether you want to have a solid wood look in its natural finish or if you want to select a stain that complements the rest of your home.

Many furniture selections will come with different color options, so don’t feel like you are limited to what you see in the picture. Additionally, company representatives are always willing to help design the perfect room and find furniture to match.

Construction Quality

Not all wood furniture has the same construction method. Therefore, some items may hold up longer than others. It is vital to not only know what kind of wood you are working with but also how the manufacturer made it. 

An easy way to tell if the furniture is high quality is to look for evidence of glue or staples. Well-made wooden furniture will be pieced together with interlocking sides, as well as screws and dowels. You will not see glue residue or staples in furnishings made with quality in mind.

In Summary

Don’t waste time in your search; view our selection of wood furniture today! We have many design experts waiting for you at our showroom that are excited to help you find the wood furniture of your dreams. If you would like to know more about what we can do for you in your design process, give us a call at (616) 452-9920 or send us a message through our online contact form.


Why is Furniture Taking So Long These Days

If you’re planning on buying a new piece of furniture for your house, prepare to wait a while. You might find yourself frustrated after picking out the perfect couch for your living room, only to find out that it will be months before it arrives. So, what is taking so long?

Long story short, there are shortages on all fronts of the furniture industry. First, you’ve got labor shortages due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Manufacturing companies are struggling to keep their factories and plants full of workers so that they can produce the same level of output as they did before. In addition, once the piece of furniture has been made, the shipping companies will move it more slowly due to labor shortages, too.

It’s not just a lack of labor that’s slowing down the process. There has been a huge foam shortage that can be traced back to a winter storm from February. This winter storm shut down 4 chemical plants in Texas and 1 in Louisiana after it caused widespread power outages. These plants produce the chemical propylene oxide which is the main ingredient in foam. While these power outages lasted only a few days, it threw off the plants’ schedule and they have yet to recover. Those plants were already backlogged with waiting orders before the storm hit, and the demand for foam in things like furniture, car seats, and molds for casting steel has stayed steady.

Finally, the trifecta of shortages ends with the current lumber shortage. The lumber shortage was not caused by a natural disaster, but rather by human error. As the COVID-19 pandemic started to affect the world economy, lumber manufacturers had a choice to make. They looked to past recessions and decided that the number of new houses being built (where most lumber produced goes) was likely to drop. 

So, the lumber industry slowed production to meet their expected drop in demand. Instead, the new house building industry strengthened. This left a lumber industry who was not prepared to meet the level of demand, and it was made worse by safety protocols needed for COVID-19 which slowed production even further. The result was an imbalance between supply and demand which the lumber industry is still reeling to make up.

Huizen’s Furniture | High quality furniture are fair prices

At Huizen’s, we’ve been in the furniture industry for over 4 generations. We pride ourselves on building strong, long-lasting relationships with our customers. With that in mind, we share your frustration over the furniture industry shortages. We’re here to do whatever we can to make the process of buying a new piece of furniture as easy as we can for you.

If you would like to know more about what we can do for you, give us a call at (616) 452-9920 or send us a contact form.