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4-Piece Bedroom Set in Cherry

6 Types of Wood Furniture You’ll Want To Consider for Your Home

Wood Type

When looking at wood furniture, it is essential to know that not all styles are created equal. Some wood fixtures are smooth and finished, whereas others have a tough or bumpy exterior with a more natural look. 

Be sure to consider the room you are looking to add wood furniture to and what you want the overall look to be. Most furnishings are from oak, maple, cherry, hickory, walnut, and elm but can come in other wood varieties as well. 


The natural color of the wood will depend on the type that you choose. However, you can also stain them to match items in your home. When you are searching for new items for a room, take into consideration whether you want to have a solid wood look in its natural finish or if you want to select a stain that complements the rest of your home.

Many furniture selections will come with different color options, so don’t feel like you are limited to what you see in the picture. Additionally, company representatives are always willing to help design the perfect room and find furniture to match.

Construction Quality

Not all wood furniture has the same construction method. Therefore, some items may hold up longer than others. It is vital to not only know what kind of wood you are working with but also how the manufacturer made it. 

An easy way to tell if the furniture is high quality is to look for evidence of glue or staples. Well-made wooden furniture will be pieced together with interlocking sides, as well as screws and dowels. You will not see glue residue or staples in furnishings made with quality in mind.

In Summary

Don’t waste time in your search; view our selection of wood furniture today! We have many design experts waiting for you at our showroom that are excited to help you find the wood furniture of your dreams. If you would like to know more about what we can do for you in your design process, give us a call at (616) 452-9920 or send us a message through our online contact form.


Why is Furniture Taking So Long These Days

If you’re planning on buying a new piece of furniture for your house, prepare to wait a while. You might find yourself frustrated after picking out the perfect couch for your living room, only to find out that it will be months before it arrives. So, what is taking so long?

Long story short, there are shortages on all fronts of the furniture industry. First, you’ve got labor shortages due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Manufacturing companies are struggling to keep their factories and plants full of workers so that they can produce the same level of output as they did before. In addition, once the piece of furniture has been made, the shipping companies will move it more slowly due to labor shortages, too.

It’s not just a lack of labor that’s slowing down the process. There has been a huge foam shortage that can be traced back to a winter storm from February. This winter storm shut down 4 chemical plants in Texas and 1 in Louisiana after it caused widespread power outages. These plants produce the chemical propylene oxide which is the main ingredient in foam. While these power outages lasted only a few days, it threw off the plants’ schedule and they have yet to recover. Those plants were already backlogged with waiting orders before the storm hit, and the demand for foam in things like furniture, car seats, and molds for casting steel has stayed steady.

Finally, the trifecta of shortages ends with the current lumber shortage. The lumber shortage was not caused by a natural disaster, but rather by human error. As the COVID-19 pandemic started to affect the world economy, lumber manufacturers had a choice to make. They looked to past recessions and decided that the number of new houses being built (where most lumber produced goes) was likely to drop. 

So, the lumber industry slowed production to meet their expected drop in demand. Instead, the new house building industry strengthened. This left a lumber industry who was not prepared to meet the level of demand, and it was made worse by safety protocols needed for COVID-19 which slowed production even further. The result was an imbalance between supply and demand which the lumber industry is still reeling to make up.

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At Huizen’s, we’ve been in the furniture industry for over 4 generations. We pride ourselves on building strong, long-lasting relationships with our customers. With that in mind, we share your frustration over the furniture industry shortages. We’re here to do whatever we can to make the process of buying a new piece of furniture as easy as we can for you.

If you would like to know more about what we can do for you, give us a call at (616) 452-9920 or send us a contact form.