Meet the Huizen’s Furniture Team

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Todd Huizen

Fourth Generation Manager

Todd is a 4th generation member of the Huizen family and took over management of the original Huizen Furniture store in 2010.  He co-runs the business (which also includes Stonesthrow) with his second cousins. His tenure began at a young age – dusting and vacuuming the store while in elementary school, and subsequently did stints at the warehouse during high school and college before moving to his current sales and management position.
Todd Huizen

Greg Huizen

Craig Huizen

Third Generation Manager

Craig is a 3rd generation member of the Huizen family and began his career — like many of the Huizen Family members — in the warehouse. He is one of two 3rd generation members still active in the business and helps with the operational side of the business.

Linda Koster

Office Manager

Linda has been with Huizen’s Furniture since 1985 and handles a majority of the administrative activities to keep the business running such as processing orders, invoicing and scheduling deliveries. Her favorite thing about working in a family business are the relationships with employees and customers.