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There are many furniture stores that you can peruse when searching for the best addition to your home, especially in Grand Rapids MI. While many know that it is important to shop local and support family owned businesses, many don’t know the reasons behind that mentality.

Huizen’s is a family owned furniture company that has been in operation since 1926. Shopping with them is more than just a simple furniture purchase. When you stop into Huizen’s for the purchase of your new couch or bedroom set, you’re doing so much more than just shopping. Continue reading to find out what happens in the background after your purchase.

You Support Community

Local businesses support the communities in which they live. Unlike chain companies, local institutions understand the needs of those around them because they live within those same communities. The big-box corporations don’t know that the local shelter needs new blankets or that the little league team needs sponsors. It’s the local businesses that have that understanding.

Therefore, when you support our family owned furniture store, you are also supporting the community at the same time. Caring for those around us is something we can all do together.

You Get Investment

Owners of small businesses take the time to open that specific company because that is where their interests lie. It’s not often that you see someone with a passion for baking open up a car shop! Having a love for the products you sell helps make the experience unique!

At Huizen’s, we exist because of our passion for the furniture industry. We will help you find the perfect piece for every room of your house with the excitement and enthusiasm we have for the job. Family owned since 1926, the love for helping customers find just the right bed or couch is in our DNA. 

You Provide For Our Family

Huizen’s has called Grand Rapids MI, home since the beginning. Here, we have raised our children, is where we do our weekly grocery shopping, and where the local schools educated us. Our daily lives have revolved around this city that we call home. 

When you purchase furniture from us, you are helping our family put food on the table. Your purchase allows us to put Christmas presents under the tree every year. Your money doesn’t go to a large corporation or pay a CEO-level salary. Instead, you are helping the owners and their children to live their lives in their hometown. And for that, we are greatly appreciative.

Final Thoughts

Shopping local is a phrase that you hear often. While people understand that it is something to prioritize, many don’t understand the reasons behind it. Spending your money in Grand Rapids MI companies supports your community. Taking the time to seek out family owned businesses supports the owners family directly. Seeking out a family owned furniture company, like Huizen’s, gives you a one-of-a-kind, passionate shopping experience.

Stop in to see us today. We have a great variety of Dining Room Furniture and many different pieces of Living Room Furniture. You can also explore our various Bedroom Furniture sets while you’re here!  BTW follow us on Facebook.


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