How To Accessorize Your Home With Summer Decor

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With a change in seasons in Michigan comes a pull to decorate with home accents representing the time of year. When fall changes to winter, we pull out our warm, cable-knitted blankets and hot cocoa stations. Spring comes with flowers and pastels. And summer gives us the itch to turn our decor bright and airy. 

Here at Huizen’s, we have pulled together some interior design ideas to help with your summer home decor. You can draw many of these together with items from your home with minimal effort. Keep reading to learn more!


Many of us have a collection of baskets we have gathered throughout the years. We will pull out the ones that fit our needs and put the others back into storage. Summer is the perfect time to add more baskets to your decor.

The need for temporary storage is strong with children out of school and running about between summer camps, cookouts, and more. Placing a basket near the backdoor for wet swimsuits and towels to avoid them making their way into the home can be great for those with children. You can also use one to store fresh fruit or vegetables from the garden, using it as a centerpiece to the dining room table.

Drink Station

As the unofficial drink of summer, lemonade is often consumed by the gallon. Using a large turntable to store a large glass pitcher, a few glasses, and an assortment of lemons will look cute and is functional at the same time.

This setup is also conducive to tea. Sun Tea and Sweet Tea are also famous in the hottest months, and having everything ready in advance will look great and be prepared for you to pour in the tea when needed or if guests arrive. 

Repurpose Summer-Specific Items

When you think of summer decor, you realize that it often replicates what occurs during the season. Swimming, fishing, spending time outdoors, gardening – all these are portrayed in many pieces of artwork and knickknacks you see in homes during the season.

Creating a gallery wall with old summer hats, fishing items that are no longer used, lanterns, and even a few wall-mounted vases that can hold fresh flowers gives a unique twist and new look to your home for the summer.

Display Your Work

You have worked hard in your gardens, bringing up fresh vegetables, fruits, and flowers. Don’t let all of that hide away in the kitchen, waiting for someone to eat them. Encourage healthy eating habits and show your pride in your work by placing them in decorative baskets or bowls throughout the house. 

Even if you don’t garden, supporting a local farmer at the local market can serve a dual purpose. An assortment of bell peppers in their varying colors can look great when lined up on a tray or set on a cake stand. You can place fruits like tomatoes, pears, peaches, and nectarines in bright bowls to give your home a pop of color.


There are many ways that you can get your Michigan home ready with summer decor. If you want Huizen’s to help, our interior design team is ready to do so! Take a moment and follow us on FACEBOOK


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