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Refresh Your Home For Spring-Huizen’s Furniture Edition

The time has come. It’s getting warmer in Michigan, and we are all about updating your home for spring here at Huizen’s! Our interior design services team can help you create an exceptional look with spring accessories and furniture. We have also put together a list of home refresh ideas that are simple and effective.

Are you ready for a change? Check out our suggestions below to get you started.

Switch Up Colors

One of the easiest ways to refresh your home decor is to add different accents of color throughout a room. This approach can be as simple as adding new artwork to the walls or as detailed as creating accent walls of bold colors. The lengths you go for this change will depend on your time and budget. However, there are many options to cater to all needs.

Taking a few hours of your afternoon to paint your picture frames a different hue can make your walls pop. As another suggestion, you can purchase new throw pillow covers for a reasonable cost and give a whole new look to your furniture.

Swap Out Fixtures

Another simple touch that significantly impacts your design is rotating in new fixtures throughout a single room or your entire home. Whether it’s new light switch covers or a new lampshade style, the look will immediately register as a welcome change. 

Sometimes the addition of a new lighting fixture packs such a punch that visitors will think that you redecorated the whole room. For this reason, it’s important to remember that small changes can make a big difference, and a complete overhaul isn’t always needed.

Add a New Rug

Over time our rugs can wear out. With constant traffic and use, you will start to notice spots that are becoming a bit bare and a few stains that won’t go away. If you are in this situation and also looking for a spring refresh to your home, the simple task of replacing your area rug can be enough to boost your spirits.

You can find rugs in all shapes and sizes. Perhaps you want to go for a completely different style all together, or you just want an oval rug instead of a rectangle. Huizen’s has many options to choose from and can help you select the best one for your home.

Incorporate Some Greenery

We’ve all heard the saying, “April showers bring May flowers!” But that doesn’t mean that you can’t bring the beauty of plants indoors. Adding some greenery into your interior can bring texture and color to a room in a new and rejuvenating way.

Whether it’s a potted plant on an end table or a hanging vine in the corner, the feel of the room will change with this subtle addition. 

In Summary

With spring here, we all have the itch to make some changes to our living arrangements. With our list of simple suggestions above, you can be on your way to a refreshed home in no time! Are you looking for a specific piece or want some direction on what to add to your home? Reach out to our interior design team today for assistance.

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Cleaning furniture with a microfiber cloth

Furniture Cleaning Tips Just In Time For Spring!

The time for spring cleaning sneaks up on us every year. While we are organizing and caring for all the nooks and crannies of our home, a crucial component is often overlooked.

Although all areas are essential, our furniture often falls to the bottom of our to-do list. Frequently this happens due to residents of the home being unsure of the best techniques for performing the task. Therefore, we have prepped a few furniture cleaning tips to help you through the process. 

Living Room Furniture

Often we see a variety of materials in our living room furniture. Whether it’s the upholstery on the couch or the frame of an armchair, there are several components to consider when setting out to properly clean. 

First, you will want to take a soft brush and get rid of any debris or hair that resides on the cushions. Following that, it is beneficial to apply baking soda and thoroughly vacuum the fabric part of your fixtures. 

Lastly, inspecting the frame to check for any breakages that need repairing will help to keep your furniture in good shape for years to come. Is your living room furniture ready to be replaced? Check out our large selection at Huizen’s today.

Dining Room Furniture

Typically one of the main areas of the house for wooden pieces comes in your dining room furniture. Between the table, chairs, buffets, and cabinets, you will discover many wood sources in this space. 

Because of that, you want to properly maintain the material with the appropriate polishes and cleaners. While many wood types allow you to use a standard combination of soap and water, it is critical to wipe the table completely dry after cleaning. Without this step, you can risk damaging the furniture and warping the wood.

Before cleaning your dining room furniture, be sure to check what products work best with that type of wood. If you have questions about what is best, give us a call at Huizen’s, and we can help you narrow down the best options.

Bedroom Furniture

Besides your standard bedroom furniture, these spaces have many different elements to consider when cleaning. While you want to be sure that you are caring for specific types of furniture as you need to, you also need to be mindful of how those cleaners can affect other items in the room if the cleaner were to spill or come in contact with them.

For this reason, be sure to remove items like bedding and clothing before embarking on your cleaning spree to avoid any issues. Following that, take the time to thoroughly clean your mattresses, polish any wood surfaces, remove smudges and debris from glass, and soak and launder any window coverings.

Are you looking for a complete refresh of your bedroom furniture as you usher in the beautiful spring weather? Huizen’s has many pieces to choose from that will fit your style and budget!

In Summary

With all the different pieces that come with spring cleaning, it can be easy to overlook an item or two. More often than not, these items come in the form of furniture. Our furniture cleaning tips will help you tackle this issue and have all elements of your home sparkling for spring! 

If you find yourself with additional questions, feel free to contact us! 

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